How to choose a Quality Laptop

Choosing a quality laptop

Compact enough to carry it with you, but also versatile enough to run demanding applications, a cheap and efficient laptop is the best tool for doing serious work or for playing at home and on the road.

As stand-alone tablets and smartphones are becoming commonplace in homes, most people realize that typing a document, doing a lengthy search, or other tedious work is more enjoyable when done on a laptop. ultra thin or ultra fast.

There are a wide variety of sizes, prices and models with various characteristics making the choice of a powerful computer highly complicated …

So in your opinion, which laptop is right for you? Do not hesitate any longer and consult our comparison of the cheapest pc that you can buy in a few minutes online!

Which laptop to buy?

To buy a cheap computer, you can really count on online product comparisons. This is why Meilleure-note offers you its comparison of the 5 best PCs that will satisfy you whether it is for basic, professional, or even great player use.


The best value for money is undoubtedly the Microsoft Surface Pro. Available at an attractive price, it combines performance, lightness, and autonomy. What more? Also, its tablet function is very significant, so you can comfortably use your laptop on a daily basis.

Then we found the superb Macbook Pro 13 ″. Like all Apple laptops and laptops, they have a simple and elegant design. We highly appreciate the fact that it is a very autonomous machine, you can work with it in a cafe with wifi in complete peace of mind. In addition, it is very efficient and the keyboard is rather pleasant to use.


We also tested the Chromebook model from Acer, a low-cost, ultra-thin high-performance computer that will not clutter your office, surely equipped with a designer printer too.

Fans of the Asus brand, you will certainly appreciate the Zenbook model, an affordable, small laptop that can last for many years and whose full HD screen is very appreciable.

If you are a gamer, using your pc to play, you will fall in love with the Lenovo Ideapad model. It is a silent computer displaying an original and remarkable design and all with notable power and a very large screen.

How to choose the ideal laptop?

Depending on the operating system

It is indeed not very easy to know which platform you really need and even more if you are not familiar with Mac and PC. Note that most brand laptops are designed with one of three systems: Windows, Chrome OS or Mac OS X (only for Macbooks). In the end, choosing the right platform depends on your personal preferences. Here are the most used:

Windows 10

It is the most flexible operating system, Windows is present in many more laptop models than Chrome OS or Mac OS X. The range of Windows notebooks offers models that are really cheap.

You can find less than 500 euros and others more efficient to more than 1000 euros with more sophisticated features and more sought-after design.

Windows 10 is the latest version of the Microsoft system with many improvements that Windows 7 and 8 lacked including the ability to switch to tablet and pc mode quickly. The “Start” menu is also revamped with a Cortana assistant. Windows also offer many applications.


All MacBook laptops are sold with an operating system specific to the American brand Apple, called macOS. Overall, this operating system offers functionality similar to Windows 10 but with a difference in interface.

IPhone and iPad users will appreciate using this type of laptop with the Launch Pad application in particular.

However, OS X does not do touch, the keys although being of excellent quality do not allow a touch touch at the moment. The Apple screen is not at all tactile as could be for example an Hp laptop under Windows.

Google Chrome

There are ChromeOS laptops at very low prices. This is the case for example of the Lenovo 100s Chromebook pc. The Google OS is very simple and very secure.

Also, the user interface is similar to Windows with its application menu. You can even slide the windows on the desk quietly sitting on your comfortable office chair .

The catch is that there are few offline applications and the ones that do exist are not always operational. In any case, if you need to buy a cheaper laptop to surf the web with a beautiful Vaio pc, with Chrome you will be served!

Depending on the size of its screen

Before taking a look at the specifics of the product, think about the format of the pc you need. Do you want a rather discreet one that can even fit in your satchel or tote? Or, you want a large format laptop …

Note that computers from Samsung, Toshiba and other brands are classified according to their screen size.

The models between 11 and 12 inches are the smallest, and also have very light systems for minimal weight. You can also buy a cheap 13 or 14 inch Samsung laptop . This model is easy to transport and its use is simple, whether for lessons, work or for leisure.

15 inch PCs are the most popular. They are equipped with a large screen so they take up a lot of space. It is the ideal choice if you do not plan to take it with you when traveling or otherwise. Finally, the 17 and 19 inch models are perfect if you plan to buy a laptop for playing or working for a long time.

Depending on the brand

img class = “alignright wp-image-10692 ″ src =” jpg »alt =» lenovo-ideapad-g560-m272efr »width =» 248 ″ height = »190 ″ /> And yes, last but not least, pay attention to the brand anyway.

Much like cars, you are spoiled for choice. If you prefer MACs, you will find different models at a lower price in a few clicks through this comparison.

If you prefer to stay on a PC, you can buy a computer with a decent value for money. This is the case for example with Samsung models, Dell PCs, hp models and many others.

According to these characteristics

The most impressive features a laptop can have are worth less if the ergonomics of the PC are not efficient.

If you plan to do a lot of work on your designer desktop with a cheap computer, make sure the keyboard has enough solid tactile feedback and that there is enough space between the keys. Opt for a model with a cursor responding to multi-touch gestures.

In addition, components such as the hard drive, processor, RAM and graphics chip can confuse laptop enthusiasts. Here are the important features to consider when choosing your laptop.

On the other hand, if you do not need a touch computer, bet on a simple model or even 2 in 1 which will not reduce the life of its battery.

The hard drive and RAM

Even more important than the speed of your processor, the capacity of your hard drive will allow you to store what you need on your pc.

Some inexpensive computers under 500 euros are equipped with a 2 Giga RAM. Ideally, the minimum would be 4 Giga if you want decent performance and 8 Giga if you can spend more.

The display

The more pixels you have, the more pleasant the display will be with clearly visible and readable content. Most inexpensive PCs have a 1366 x 768 pixel display, but if you can, you can buy a model with a more qualitative display, including a full HD laptop.

You can also choose a high-end laptop with screens of 2560 x 1600 pixels or more, but they are more demanding in terms of battery.


If you are not necessarily a big player on PC, that you do not create 3D objects or videos, a computer with advanced graphics features will not help you. Otherwise, you can buy some with AMD processor

Battery life

If you plan to buy a PC for basic use, you don’t need to spend a large sum.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of using your computer for hours, for work, at home, a model with a battery that can last 6 hours will be the right choice!

2 in 1 model

In recent days, many ultra-fast and inexpensive computers have found themselves in the category of 2-in-1 models with devices that make it easy to switch to tablet mode. They are often offered with detachable styles.

Indeed, the screens are detached from the keyboard or there are also very flexible laptop models with a rotation of 360 degrees.

These are new generation laptops for those who want the best in technology. However, if you can be satisfied with a traditional model, do not hesitate to choose on the internet a computer with a conventional functioning through an adequate comparison.

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