Overview of OPPO A83

Overview of OPPO A83


OPPO A83 is elegant and simple. It would seem, how can the design be improved if the entire front panel has a screen? OPPO’s answer is simple: a minimum of visual elements. There should be nothing superfluous! The metal edging of the camera is in harmony with the iridescent logo – and this is enough for beauty.

Since the case is plastic, there is no wiring for antennas here, as well as a “parade” of materials – it is found in inexpensive metal smartphones, when the top and bottom are made plastic, thereby violating the aesthetic integrity of the device.

Note that although the screen diagonal is 5.7 inches, the smartphone itself has retained its usual size. This is the trick of the new “full-screen” devices.

OPPO A83 is thin, lightweight, and durable. It comes with a plastic bumper cover and a glued film on the screen.


It is an inexpensive smartphone with good features – an overview
The OPPO A83 has an inexpensive, but, in general, high-quality 5.7-inch matrix with a resolution of 1440 x 720. Other brands in this price segment can find smartphones with full-screen Full HD displays, but since we are talking about inexpensive everyday workhorse, we do not think that permission plays a special role. HD is enough – there are no stairs from pixels. Fonts and lines are smooth. In addition, HD smartphones are more productive and energy-efficient compared to Full HD counterparts. Other things being equal, of course.

Smartphone OPPO A83 Black (CPH1729):

Although the OPPO A83 display has HD resolution, there are no complaints about it: there is enough brightness to comfortably use the device in sunny weather, the contrast is high, and the color reproduction is saturated.


Can a high-performance smartphone be expected from an inexpensive smartphone? OPPO A83 proves yes. The filling of this average is almost the same as in the more expensive OPPO F5. This is the 16-nanometer 8-core MediaTek Helio P23 processor, presented at the end of August 2017, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. In the AnTuTu 6 benchmark, a smartphone scores 68 thousand points, while sometimes more expensive devices do not reach 60 thousand. Of course, the OPPO A83 has no problems in everyday work, in addition, it allows you to play. The smartphone easily pulls any modern games – from World of Warships Blitz on high graphics settings to Modern Combat 5.


We know a little about the OPPO A83 cameras. The back is quite simple: a 13-megapixel sensor and optics with an aperture of f / 2.2. It takes off with dignity: the photos are sharp, bright, contrasting. Indoor and in insufficient lighting, the noise level is not so high. However, the smartphone is too hard to “sharpen” the pictures (it processes with sharpening filters), as a result, detail suffers. In addition, autofocus is rather slow. Even in good light, the device cannot always “catch” sharpness instantly. We are sure that in future OPPO firmware this will fix it – a similar problem was in the very first batch of F5 smartphones.

The resolution of the front camera is 8 megapixels, the aperture is also f / 2.2. She is able to make bright and clear self-portraits. Like the OPPO F5, there is SelfieTune enhancement technology here. Unlike other “enhancers”, OPPO’s SelfieTune runs on AI Beauty algorithms. OPPO says that the smartphone analyzes the face in the frame by two hundred reference points, distinguishes between sex and age, compares it with a database of a million faces, and only then makes appropriate adjustments – removes signs of fatigue, age-related features, adds glitter through the eyes. If you don’t cut SelfieTune to the maximum, then the processing is actually quite pleasant.

In addition, the front camera OPPO A83 can blur the background. Although the camera is only one and the smartphone cannot calculate the depth of field, still it is able to make a beautiful, adequate bokeh.

OPPO A83 is suitable for shooting static scenes. Landscapes are good for him. However, for a high-quality “reporting” his camera is still slow. But he makes cool selfies for his money.


The OPPO A83 smartphone has everything you need: full support for two SIM-cards along with microSD, and LTE on both SIM cards, and GPS, and Bluetooth 4.2 – a standard set for that kind of money. However, competitors are slowly starting to supplement it with an NFC chip, although without Mifare – recall the recent Huawei P Smart .

OPPO A83 allows you to install simultaneously two SIM-cards and a memory card with a capacity of up to 256 GB.


The smartphone comes with the Android 7.1 Nougat operating system, but the interface is completely changed by the ColorOS 3.2 proprietary shell. No one has simplified Android like OPPO, and no one has made an interface so similar to iOS.

All applications are hosted on desktops. To add widgets, use a tricky gesture – a “pinch” on the screen. To remove applications, just hold your finger on the icon and, when it “dances,” as in iOS, click on the cross that appears in the corner. Swipe up and down opens the curtain quick settings. Cool! However, geeks will be indignant – they only need pure Android.

Another interesting feature in ColorOS is the unlock function for recognizing the face of the owner. She works very quickly and accurately, it will not be possible to carry out her photograph. There is also a split-screen mode – you can simultaneously open YouTube and WhatsApp on the screen.

Thanks to ColorOS, we boldly present the OPPO A83 with the title of the easiest device to use.

Working hours:

OPPO A83 is equipped with a non-removable battery with a capacity of 3180 mAh. With autonomy, everything is as always – every day for charging. If you suddenly forgot or didn’t succeed – it doesn’t matter, the smartphone can live a little more than a day if you save. In addition, when 20% of the charge remains, the device will offer to turn on the power-saving mode. If you need to turn this smartphone into a “long-liver” – grab the power bank.


OPPO A83 is a great workhorse for every day. The model knows everything – you will have games, beautiful photos, and fast Internet. The main features of the device are a modern continuous screen and a powerful filling for such money. Must take!

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